Classical music improvisation course with Jiří Pazour on October 19, 2024 in Prague

The one-day classical music improvisation course is intended for a wide range of interested parties; music teachers, students, professional and amateur musicians (pianists, composers, but also other instrumentalists), music therapists or non-music professionals interested in this field of music. 

Content of the course: 

- introduction to the field of classical musical improvisation 

- methodology of teaching improvisation (acquiring elementary improvisation skills, creating improvised accompaniments, improvisation according to chord marks, etc.) 

- practical demonstrations of improvisation techniques with the possibility of active involvement of participants 

- rules of solo, duo and multi-instrumental improvisation - public improvisation (concert) - improvisation in various musical styles 

- use of improvisation (stage music, music therapy) 

- example of concert piano improvisation 

Date of the course: Saturday 19 October 2024, Prague-Háje, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (8 teaching hours) 

Course price: CZK 1,700 

Bring your musical instruments! 

Those interested in more detailed information can write to the email:

1,700.00 Kč