Concert of Tones and Colours

The Concert of Tones and Colours is an unconventional performance that brings connecting together two artistic worlds: music and fine arts. The main protagonists - music composer and pianist Jiří Pazour and painter Olga Volfová - together make up artistic creations - piano and painting impressions.

Both artists are constantly inspired by each other, creating musical compositions and paintigs that are related to each other. The paintings are inspired by just sounding music and vice versa. The program is largely based on the improvisation of both artists. The painter creates the painting and the musician improvises on the created artwork.

This creates new works directly influenced by the momentary inspiration of both artists, by choosing themes for joint creation, by atmosphere in the hall, etc.

The audience can step-by-step watch creation of painting, watch how the music affect the resulting image, and vice versa.

Each evening is unique and unrepeatable, each time new music and new artwork are created. These works have a common subtext - inspiration by the art partner.