Famous Movie Melodies in Piano Transformations

The Famous Movie Melodies in Piano Transformations is another in a series of non-traditional piano performances by the composer and pianist Jiří Pazour. Also in this concert program you will hear a number of musical compositions in various genres and styles. Even this time, as is customary at Jiří Pazour's concerts, in the second half of the concert, the artist establishes contact with his listeners and fulfills their musical wishes. This creates original new piano compositions without preparation right in front of the listeners.

As the name suggests, piano improvisations on well-known and lesser-known melodies from the world and Czech film scene will be heard during the concert.

The audience will have the opportunity to listen to the musical themes of prominent film music authors in the new original version. The program will include improvisations based on musical motifs by John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Vladimir Cosma, Czech film composers will include themes by Karel Svoboda or Luboš Fišer.

At the beginning of the program, a number of improvisations to the film melody in various musical styles will be heard. The pianist deals with a single theme several times, using various means of expression. The audience can thus compare the musical language of different musical styles: baroque, classicism, romanticism, impressionism, some compositional directions XX. century or even jazz or pop music. Then come two moods, impressions influenced by filmmaking.

Furthermore, the audience has the opportunity to listen to the so-called style shifts, when the well-known film melodies are converted into a different musical style than the one in which they were originally composed.

Second part of the concert is traditionally dedicated to the wishes of the audience. The listeners have the opportunity to influence their ideas in which direction the concert will go. Anyone present has the opportunity to provide thematic material for improvisation in any form and to suggest a method of processing. The audience can watch the musical processing of the designs and the creation of new musical pieces in real time on stage. The theme can be either a film melody, or any other well-known composition or song, or a non-musical theme, mood or a short story.

Jiří Pazour's concert The Famous Movie Melodies in Piano Transformations is always an extraordinary artistic experience for both music connoisseurs and lay music lovers.