The dates of the Bridge across the Ocean concerts have been moved (for the second time) to April 2021

1. 10. 2020

Dear fans of the Bridge across the Ocean concerts,

I am contacting you in connection with the purchase of tickets for our Most across the Ocean concert. I am sorry to inform you that, given the current situation, Mrs Ann Park Rose and I are being forced to postpone the Bridge Over the Ocean concert tour for the second time.
Until the last minute, we did everything to make the concerts take place now in October. Mrs. Rose obtained permission to be able to come from the USA to the Czech Republic even at this time. At the beginning of next week, we were supposed to meet and start playing two pianos together. Until a few days ago, we remotely tuned the concert program and solved everything related to the artistic and organizational side.
Unfortunately, the situation is changing every day and all indications are that cultural events will be canceled again or attendance will be limited in the coming days.
Under the current circumstances, it is very risky for Mrs. Rose to weigh a trip across half the world next week, and then the concerts would not even take place.
Believe us, we are very sorry, we were looking forward to you, to our audience; we were looking forward to meeting together again and making joint music on two pianos, christening our new CD.
We have been considering the current situation from all sides for a long time and we have come to this decision as at present the only possible one.
We postponed the Most across the Ocean concert tour to April 2021 for the period just after Easter (ie exactly one year from the originally planned date).
We firmly believe that this term is no longer a threat, and together we will all meet at concerts in Prague, Brno and Olomouc in a calmer and safer time in the spring of 2021.
Concert tickets and vouchers for a new CD remain valid.
Thank you for your understanding.

Yours, Jiří Pazour and Ann Park Rose